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November 29, 2008
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Paper ART by angelicetherreality Paper ART by angelicetherreality
The Paper Gown [views]
for best view- you must donload

Yes- wearable, Yes all paper

The Collar:
the Rose took only 5 min to make, and 1 hour to dry
the paper strings took 3 days-to hand roll in swirl and than to glue-in together, bout 16 meters of paper string just on the collar;

The Under Dress:
took 1 day to pin up and glue-sculp, and whole 2 days to dry up stiff, 3m of carbed-tule paper ussed;

The Corset:
took 2 tries with mesouring up, 30min to glue up all the lace and left for the night to dry, then half and hour to lace up with the paper strings and position in place;

took 3 days to prepair, cut and pin-glue on the base belt;

whole dress was put together in few days - the drying of the glue was taking the most of time - I recomend a dry and well vented room

the details:

*6 kinds of paper:
-paper strings - hand rolled paper tulle - 25m long in total;
-corset- pure white 240lb smooth paper - hand free cut and sculpted dry;
-rose- white 120lb paper - free hand ripped and sculpted with water based glue;
-skirt- pure white 260lb smooth art paper- hand cut, sculpted freely and glued in on a carton-paper-belt base;
-under-skirt dress- paper carboned tule- hand sculpted with water based glue- dried stiff;
-under-skirt belt[unseen]- carton belt- hand cut and sculpted as base for the skirt;
-paper mache-as additional glue and covering sculpts

*3 kinds of glue:
-water-based technical glue - elmers glue recomended;
-styrolep-poliestyren glue -[carefull-can make paper tern yellow if not handelled properly]
-simple quick dry glue stick- for handeling tule paper:

*Polistyren manikin
*160 cm heigh
*the dress is size: S us ; 34/36 eu,
*the manikin is A Cup in bust size
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thank you :D
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I CAN'T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I WAS THIS BLOWN AWAY... If this doesn't make the daily deviations or the front most popular page or give you a thousand llamas, then I dunno what will.
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